Master the Art of 
Empowered Relating
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Make 2022 the year that you create powerful, healthy relationships with yourself and those around you

Have you ever wondered why keeping up with your relationships feels exhausting? And, no matter how hard you try, you find yourself in arguments that make you feel like shit for days afterwards?

The level of drama playing out in your relationships is a direct reflection of the unresolved drama inside of you.


You hang onto friendships and relationships you know aren’t right for you, because you’d rather compromise your values and standards than risk being alone.


The trouble is, every time you make your needs less important than others, you send yourself the message that you aren’t worth standing up for. You continue to erode your self-esteem and get further away from having the relationships you truly want.

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You’ve Forgotten How To Trust Yourself

You’re incredibly intuitive and highly sensitive, but you’ve built so many defences to protect you from feeling all that past pain, that you’ve also blocked out your connection to your inner guidance.


Conversations you’ve had loop through your mind, whilst you search for how you could have said or done things differently. You long to be able to clearly articulate your point of view, but get caught up in your emotions. You either give up and withdraw, or your long-bottled-up emotions come spilling out causing you to say things you later regret and that you can’t take back.

The intimacy you crave in relationship feels illusive. No matter how hard you try to build closeness, the other person fails to meet you. You’re unsure if you’re simply just choosing the wrong people or if this is a dynamic you are creating through your own behaviour.

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You Know It's time For Change

Are you ready to finally value yourself and stop putting everyone else’s needs before your own?


Are you ready to go all-in and fight for your right to be your full, unfiltered, vibrant self?


Are you willing to take a long, hard look at how you have allowed these situations to occur and at last release the patterns that have kept you stuck your whole fucking life?

Introducing: Talking truths - Master Empowered Relating

This self-paced online experience is for self-aware, awakening beings hungry for their next level of transformation. Whether your desire is to grow in confidence, self-compassion and let go of past pains or to up-level your relationships with others, Talking Truths is the programme for you.


With the festive season upon us and the new restrictions with lockdowns, feeling empowered in the way you relate to others has never been more paramount.


Stay in your power whilst visiting relatives

Choose how long to stay and who exactly to spend time with. Have tools to work through triggers that arise, so you can avoid arguments and leave feeling energised, not drained. Have the confidence to decline invites that don’t bring you joy and create more time for those you genuinely want to be with. Become fluent in making choices that feel completely true to you and no longer do things because you feel obliged, guilty or a sense of duty.

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Develop authentic relationships

Connecting to your authenticity, upholding healthy boundaries and separating your responsibility from that of others enables you to strengthen relationships in your life that are ready to flourish. You will also clearly identify relationships that have been restricting your growth and keeping you small, and I will guide you how and when to let go of those and other behaviours that are keeping you sucked into unhealthy undercurrents.

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Truly value and forgive yourself

By choosing to value yourself completely, you nurture the connection to your inner wisdom and guidance. You begin to hear your truth clearly and have the inner trust and belief to really go for your dreams. That career jump, house move or relationship change suddenly feels achievable and you’re no longer scared to take the leap. You also forgive yourself for the past and free yourself from what others think of you, gifting yourself the freedom to be completely you.


Unlock your power

and gifts

As you use the tools and techniques taught in this programme, your resilience to handle life’s challenges will grow. You’ll move quickly and efficiently through upsets that would previously have dragged you down for days, and you’ll get back to enjoying life faster than ever. You’ll embrace your gifts and soar in confidence, becoming the source of your own happiness - no longer off-balanced the emotional instability of others.


I'm Natalie Ford

& this is my journey

My personal journey of transformation inspired Talking Truths. I’ve experienced 14 years of deep self exploration, therapy, workshops, training courses and a career change from a desk-enslaved corporate worker to successful business owner.


My passion has always been exploring how to bring all of myself into harmonious, enriching and empowering connection with others. To shine my light brightly and seek others who desire to meet me fully in my power.


Through my training programmes and 1:1 client work, I teach you how to peel back layers of limiting beliefs and conditioning to re-discover who you truly are. I support you to work through anything that is blocking you from expressing all of aspects of yourself in relationships with others. As you value yourself more and more, any dysfunctional relating patterns fall away and space opens up to call in people who value, nourish and champion you.

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Create authentic, empowered relationships that will change your life

This programme really is a life-overhaul and will catapult you into your next realms of healthy relating. Your relationship with yourself will soar to new levels and you will attract into your life the healthiest, most nourishing, empowering friendships and relationships you’ve ever experienced.

Included In This Training​

This training is split into 6 easy-to-follow modules, plus 3 bonus modules for those who want an even deeper dive!​


The teachings are presented in short digestible segments. You can follow through the modules one by one, in a linear fashion, or jump straight in and prioritise your preferred area of growth. Watch the training at your own pace and come back to any section when you need a refresher.​


Through powerful video guidance, printable sheets and a workbook, you will learn:

  • The art of authentic expression

  • Ways to build emotional resilience

  • Listening skills that create trust and intimacy

  • How to uphold healthy boundaries

  • Personal responsibility - where you stop and another starts

  • Tools and resources to support your growth and self care

  • How to face challenging situations with confidence and self-trust

​Plus 3 bonus modules:

  • Being authentically you

  • Conscious relating

  • Shadow, codependency & your inner world


A one-time payment of £1,295.00  £845.00 for lifetime access.

Your Next Step

If you are ready to create authentic, empowered relationships that will completely transform your life, enrol today.

Client Testimonials

I had a great talk with my partner - I asked some questions and had Natalie in my mind all along telling me to listen in silence, silence, silence!


It was difficult, I cannot lie, but so worth it!


We talked about our needs and expression and - although not everything is solved yet - the hostilities between us are gone and we are even sleeping close to one another again!

- P.R.

Just the thought of difficult conversations used to make make me feel sick and sweaty! We'd end up shouting, crying, storming out, blaming and nothing really got resolved.

Now, I address fears head on from the offset rather than pretend they don’t exist and we pick our moments. I use the time in between to rationally decide what I want to say and language, such as “I feel…” instead of accusatory language and - importantly - I listen to the other person without interruption.


My relationships are now the best that they have ever been! Knowing that we can express ourselves safely is so important for our emotional and physical health.

I feel strong, like an Amazon, in all areas of life now!

- Cat

My call with Natalie was a big support to know how to start this conversation and help me dig deeper in myself to discover what was really happening.


I saw how authenticity from within can create more positive outcomes when there is no blaming, shaming or projections.


Projecting is so easy to do and so hard to catch!

It was my first real conversation with no projections. The other person's body and expression relaxed so much because there was no trigger or defensiveness. Just an expression of genuine feelings.


They took it very well.

- E.A.

I already felt pretty committed to speaking my truth - a missing piece for me was in discerning who is ready to hear it - not to receive my vulnerability as some kind of manipulation or to use it as an opportunity to be abusive.


So there's been a great learning in how to express boundaries with kindness but also clarity.


And where to let go of old outdated relationships and ways of relating. Thank you.

- Will

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