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"Relationships are the corner-stone of well-being. When you feel harmonious in your relationships, you become freed-up to meet the rest of life's challenges"


"Natalie coached me to communicate better with my partner. We talked about our needs & expression & - although not everything is solved yet - the hostilities between us are gone & we are even sleeping close to one another again!"

- P. D. / Executive Coach

"Natalie is an incredible coach, able to create a very safe space and achieving great results! I learned how to alchemize triggers in the moment & calm my nervous system. I cleared out a painful story of my past – It's such a difference to live without that baggage on my shoulders & in my heart! I feel more secure, more creative, playful & trusting myself. Highly highly recommended!"

- Michaela Kratinova / Nanny

"I love Natalie’s courses. I have been on several and they have marked key turning points for me in my own spiritual path. She is an inspiring, approachable, insightful & unique teacher"

- Rachel Welsh / NHS worker

"The idea of difficult conversations with my partner used to make make me feel sick & sweaty! We'd end up shouting, crying, storming out, blaming & nothing really got resolved. ​Now, I address fears from the offset rather than pretend they don’t exist & pick the right moment to have the conversation. I plan my language & - importantly - I listen to my partner without interruption. My relationship is now the best it's ever been!"

- Cat / Manager

"Working with Natalie, I've been able to reclaim my self worth, set boundaries, believe in myself & feel empowered. I'm finally trusting myself again which feels fantastic."

- Andrea Pocock / Nurse

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