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Online Dating


Precision Online Dating is a short-term/high-results experience for women seeking faster, more effective online dating results, so they can get off the apps sooner to start creating a life with their ideal man.

Sound good? Keeping reading...

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With a jaw-dropping profile expertly crafted by me, an enticing mix of photos, and the ability to speedily decipher a man's suitability from just his profile, attracting your forever man online becomes a breeze.


When I mastered the skills I now teach inside Precision Online Dating and applied this exact same methodology to my own dating life, this happened:

  • My time on dating apps reduced from approx 2-3 hours per night to just 2-3 hours per week

  • ​I attracted my dream partner in less than 6 weeks, and he's everything I ever wished for and so much more

(This is also the process I teach all my 1:1 clients who have found their dream man too).

Beautiful woman, if you're ready to go from online dating that feels like it's taking up too much of your time for far too little return...

To having a precise dating profile that attracts your dream man and the skills to clearly spot him from everyone else in the crowd, then this is the experience for you...

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Precision Online Dating​

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Precision Online Dating is a 1:1, short-term/high-results, 'done-for-you' experience for women who want to expedite their online dating results, so they can spend less time on the apps and more time with their forever man.
By the end of our time together, you will have all the tools you need to identify and attract your dream man online... Plus a brand new, professionally crafted dating profile that will stop your ideal man in his tracks and compel him to message you.​

This experience includes:
  • A professional dating profile expertly crafted for you from start to finish - whilst you kick back with a glass or two of wine, I go away and compose the magic for you.
    I will:
    • Establish a delicious selection of photos that showcase your beautiful qualities and personality
    • Identify the unique X-factor that will make you irresistible to your ideal man
    • Hone in on the details of your ideal man that are essential for long-term compatibility to be a success
    • Beautifully articulate the vision of your dream relationship and how you want your ideal man to show up for you
  • 1:1 coaching from me to learn the art of identifying a man's suitability purely from his dating profile
  • 1:1 coaching from me on how to decipher within 1-4 messages if a potential date is worthy of your time
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“This is definitely my healthiest, most grown-up, loving, caring, and mutually respectful relationship. From the word go with this relationship, I knew that it was what I wanted and it was really special” - former client

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You will receive:

  • An in-depth intake process to learn all about you, your dream man and your relationship ideals to enable me to can craft the most potent dating profile possible

  • A masterpiece written by me for your "about me / who I'm looking for" dating profile sections

  • A pinpointed selection of your most-suited dating profile photos

  • 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions with me

...leaving you primed to find your forever relationship in no time.

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Here's the total value for this package:
  • Creation of a potent professional dating profile that speaks directly to the heart of your dream man..... £900
  • Support in selecting a tantalising mix of photos that showcase the fullness of who you are..... £99
  • Coaching to decipher purely from his dating profile if a man is worth contacting..... £350
  • Coaching to know within 5 messages if a guy is worth your time to get to know and meet in person (saving hours in bad first dates)..... £350
Total Value: £1,699

Your Investment For This Highly Transformative Experience:
(payment plan also available)
Warning: Purchase only if you are serious about finding your forever man now.

Click the button below if you're ready to transform your online dating experience and attract the man your heart has been searching for...

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“We got married! Just the best gift in the world to be together. Just being together and living together, living a boring, mundane life, is just so beautiful. It's absolutely divine" - former client

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