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Your Royal Upgrade

I know you're ready for more. For bigger & better.

For more confidence, more trust, more joy, more freedom, more laughter, more love, more power, more growth, more self-belief, more clarity, more direction, more ease, more creation, more flow & more fun.


You're here to do big things in this lifetime.


To move beyond perceived limitations.

You've felt your power...


You've tasted it's magnitude.


& You've felt the responsibility that comes with embodying it.


Perhaps it scared you. Perhaps it excited you. Either way, it enticed you.


I'm here to show you how to truly own that power & remain in your full integrity.


To clear any shadow that may get in your way, throw you off balance or take you away from truth.


To guide you to the confidence to truly believe in yourself & to actually create the things you dream of. Like... for real.

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The Undeniable Truth

You know in your bones you're here to be a kick-ass, creative, powerful influencer.


To make waves & shake up the norm.


It was never your path to be average.


You haven't survived all those challenges & struggles just to then choose settling!


No. Fucking. Way.

You're here to create change. To do things differently. To break patterns & create an absolutely incredible life for yourself.

To manifest your dream partner, your dream job, your dream home, abundant health & a level of income that surpasses your wildest dreams.

The only thing between you & where you want to be.... is shadow.

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Meet Your Shadow

Shadow is the thing that keeps you small, whispers in your ear that you're not enough, that it's too dangerous, you can't survive on your own, that you need more qualifications, evidence & a better plan.

It's your need for approval, self doubt, permission seeking & giving your power away.

It's overwhelm, fear & not wanting to take responsibility.

It's what convinces you to stay quiet instead of speaking up, that causes you to abandon yourself in favour of others & to give up your sovereign rights because you feel overpowered.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Because you're about to discover the most potent consciousness tool known to human.

The tool that will change e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

The tool that will end your healing journey - for good.

It's time to Claim Your Crown.

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Claim Your Crown

This is a 9 week journey from Shadow to Sovereignty, in which you'll learn to completely eradicate your shadow - permanently.


You'll discover that nothing has power over you.


That you are powerful beyond all measure.


That you can create whatever you set your mind to.


You'll discover the deepest levels of self love, respect & honouring that you've ever known.


Lost dreams will reignite & new ones will reveal themselves.


You'll release any friendships & relationships that have kept you small & connect with your truest values & standards.


Overwhelm, exhaustion & victim mindset will become a thing of the past & you'll embody strength, courage & determination.


You'll become a master of resources, support, time & money.

& You'll connect with the magic of your divine self.


This programme obliterates the myth that healing has to be a life long journey. It really is the programme to end all healing.


Once you master your shadow, your healing is complete.

Done. Dusted. Finito.


Your nervous system will become stable. You'll no longer get triggered.


You'll stop looking outside of you for safety & security (for secure attachment now lies within you).


Your self-esteem, self-belief & self-trust will be completely rock solid.


Your energy will become magnetic as fuck.


& You'll take charge of your direction in life.

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Enjoying Nature

This programme is for you, if...

You spend energy managing anxiety, overwhelm, worry or self doubt​


You are seeking a higher quality of relationship than you've previously attracted


You want a more resilient & stable nervous system

You want to anchor Secure Attachment inside of you


You have the discipline to make changes but always surface-level changes that never get deep enough to create sustainable change

You're on the hamster wheel of personal development & are stuck in the belief that "healing is a life-long journey"

You ask permission, seek approval or give your power away in other ways


You have big dreams for life but don't yet know how to make them happen

Fear holds you back from reaching your dreams

You compromise to please others & can't hold your position in negotiations


You're highly critical of yourself or others

You spend ages planning but rarely actually complete anything


You fear taking up space or inconveniencing people


You attract people who need rescuing or you seek others to rescue you

You feel that you always have to do everything alone

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The Practical Details

9 weeks of powerful shadow work coaching

Inside a private Facebook group

You'll post daily shadow-clearing & receive personalised guidance

There'll be weekly live calls on Zoom

(recorded & uploaded to the group to watch at any time)


Plus direct hot-seat coaching from Natalie

& a 50 page pre-work workbook

(you'll need to have fully digested this before we start)



We officially start 10th January 2022.


The live schedule will be announced inside the group & not before.


I want to see that you're willing to jump into the unknown & willing to trust your intuition that this is right for you, regardless of any illusion of obstacles.

In reality, your transformation starts the moment you enrol.


A single payment of £599

or two payments of £299.50

Your Next Step

Are you ready to clear the pathway to your wildest dreams?

To trust your intuition & go all in?

Then it's time to finally claim your crown.


Click to enrol right now.

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What Participants Say

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Meet Your Host

Natalie Ford is a trailblazer integrating & teaching personal development at the forefront of consciousness.

She works with clients who are deeply passionate about becoming their best selves & who are driven to bring change to the world by sharing their innate gifts.

Her coaching offers a fresh, powerful & highly effective approach to shadow work & self empowerment.

Natalie's genius is her ability to see right to the root of the limiting beliefs, wounds & unhelpful patterns that have held you back & to teach you the tools to set you free.

Natalie lives & breathes everything she teaches.

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It's Time To Shift Shadow Into Power