Natalie Ford (aka The Temple Witch) is an empowerment coach, relationship trailblazer, personal growth springboard & freedom seeker.


Natalie integrates & coaches self development at the forefront of conscious evolution.

Her coaching offers a fresh, powerful & highly effective approach to personal empowerment, shadow work & self-knowledge.

Natalie works with clients who are deeply passionate about becoming their best selves in relationships, self expression & life. Her clients are often driven to bring about change in the world by sharing their innate gifts.

Natalie will activate you to see directly to the root of the limiting beliefs, behaviours & patterns that have held you back your whole life. She will then teach you how to quickly & effectively transform these - permanently - so you're free to create your dream life.

If you're truly ready to shift troublesome relating, working & self esteem patterns to finally call in the relationship, career & dream life you've been searching for, click the button below to apply to work with Natalie.

What My Clients Say...

"Natalie approaches you with such a caring and warm energy and you feel very comfortable and safe to open up and share all your fears, doubts, worries - simply all of you. She slowly guides you through the process and it is actually very easy to let go and release, to surrender to whatever comes up as you know she will take care of you in such a nurturing way. She has a magical power to feel you and hear you without you saying a word. She is a real gift and I am very honoured to work with her and see this amazing shift within me. Thank you! "

"The sessions with Natalie helped me navigate some very difficult times and each session I felt better and better, more in tune with myself. I am very thankful to have found Natalie and the positive impact her sessions have had in my life."

"We used many different body based practices to release emotions, like the shaking and the shamanic conversation. I felt totally held by Natalie and trusted in her."

"I loved that I could be completely myself - no judgement. After the session, I felt empowered, excited & a lust for life."