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Natalie Ford


Exceptional, Forever Love Is Your Destiny



You're here for exceptional. A soul-aligned love that redefines just how great relationships can be. A love that breaks all moulds and surpasses all limits.


You've invested big in personal development and released yourself from low self-worth and unhealthy past relationship patterns. Your level of relationship skill is far greater than most will ever master - and now you're ready to find a man who will truly match you.

You've attracted great men in the past, but they didn't work out. You long for a courageous and committed partner who's ready to build a relationship with you that will stand the test of time.


You're fired up! And this is more than just a dream for you - you can feel it in your bones; It's your destiny.

You're done waiting. You want this now!


And you seek an expert dating and relationship coach to guide you there via the quickest, most streamlined path possible.

Dating For
Long-Term Love


You're In! Check Your Inbox!

Natalie Ford

Hi, I'm Natalie

I very intentionally called in my ideal man in just 6 weeks and cultivated the thriving, nourishing, growth-oriented relationship I'd always dreamed.


After years of failed relationships, I turned everything around and mastered the secret to calling in The One and creating your forever relationship.

I now coach driven, empowered women like you to do the same.

For women who've already mastered high self-love and healthy boundaries, my genius is to help you:

 Attract your ideal, emotionally-available, ready-for-commitment, soul-aligned man;

❤ Release thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that previously had you sabotage love;

Cultivate your relationship into a forever love that will stand the test of time;

 Allow yourself to be loved right through to your core;

So you can cultivate the incredible forever love you've always wanted - just like I did.

Natalie Ford

My approach combines:
👉 a practical and proven method for calling in high-quality men online

👉 deep inner-child and shadow clearing

👉 mastery of your mindset, energy and emotions to manifest your ideal man through the law of attraction

Offering you the most efficient and effective path to attract and cultivate forever love.

Working with me will elevate your self-worth, sense of safety, ability to create secure attachment, communicate consciously, and awaken your feminine power in relationship.


You'll also see how a healthy, powerful, strong and loving relationship looks, feels and operates up close. Whilst being guided to create your own unique version of forever love with a man who matches you on every level.

Natalie Ford
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Seeing people unite in love has always underlined the meaning of life for me

Let's Create Magic Together

Whether you're ready to call in your dream man or looking to make your existing relationship the best it can be, there are a number of ways I can support you to make that happen. Click one of the images below to explore the offerings that feel right for you.

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To me, finding your forever love is more than just meeting your ideal man; it's about upgrading every aspect of your being to become your best self so that cultivating your forever relationship is a natural extension of how you live your most authentic life:

Having the love of your life by your side; Sharing each moment, supporting and championing each other in all you do; Encouraging you to become the best version of yourself; Enriching every aspect of your life with their presence, love and unwavering comradery. That's what life is all about.

I'm here to help you to call in this level of love and attract the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Natalie Ford  - Cherished

Magnetic Woman Activation

Accelerated 6-month transformational programme for women who are ready to find the one. This VIP 1:1 experience is for you if you've already healed much of your past conditioning, are self-aware and living your best life. You are now ready to attract an exceptional, high-calibre man to co-create your incredible future together. By application only.

Let's Crete Magic Together

Online Dating

A short-term/high results online dating accelerator for women seeking to meet their ideal man as fast as possible and make their online dating experience as efficient as possible. You're ready to call in a high-quality man and master the art of quickly identifying potential matches with ease, speed and fun.

Natalie Ford - Magnetic
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